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My favourite part is how this sexist graphic inadvertently illustrates why feminism is a serious and necessary movement and “men’s rights” is a fucking joke.

"MRAs" have the luxury of “calmly explaining their points” because they aren’t actually being oppressed at all.  It’s a calm (non-)issue.  They’re not being actively hurt.  They’re not living in a society that marginalizes and erases them and blames them for the assaults and rapes they suffer.  They’re the most privileged, high-paid, pampered class of people on the planet.  Being an “MRA” is a hobby; it means nothing - the failure of their “movement” would have no consequences, because they’d still be at the top.  They’ve nothing to lose, so there’s no pressure on them.

Feminists, on the other hand?  It’s serious.  Women are marginalized and are erased and are oppressed and are earning only cents on the dollar and are living in a culture that encourages assault and rapeof them and then blames them for it.  Feminism isn’t just “making some point,” it’s a real struggle against a system that continually hurts women every single dayWouldn’t you be a little bit angry too?  Wouldn’t you get a little bit frustrated?  Wouldn’t that probably explode into fucking rage if you were told that you’re going to be ignored if you’re not “civil” in fighting back against the system that is actively hurting you daily?

To even suggest that feminists need to be “civil” in “explaining their points” is a slap in the face because our entire society has not been civil to women for centuries. 

And oh yeah, the supposed “problems” MRAs whine about tend to exclusively be products of the fucking patriarchy they support anyway.


Yes, because shouting “SHUT THE FUCK UP SHUT THE FUCK UP” while trying to shout out an entire article from Jezebel while disrupting an MRA event, and then literally setting off the fire alarm, wasting city resources is a totally appropriate response. Really what Big Red is trying to do is disrupt debate.

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